How Emotionally mature do you consider yourself to be?

PROVE IT! Answer these questions:

I notice an emotion when it shows up/ I know when I am feeling something

I use my feelings to motivate action

I see my impact on others

I think about how others view my responses

When I decide what to do, I am aware of how it will effect my relationships



My partner understands my emotion better than I do

My emotions often gets the better of me in arguments

My emotions are so strong that they are overwhelming

I often react rather than respond to my partner

I don’t have clue why my partner reacts so strongly to what I say or do

I don’t know what I feel

I don’t know why my arguments end in a worse place than where they started

Achieving emotional awareness can be a challenging but beneficial aspect of relationships. Consider working on your emotional awareness and maturity. Doing so should give you greater satisfaction and flexibility in your relationships!

Except from EFT for Dummies, Bradley and Furrow, 2013
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