Welcome to Kathryn de Bruin Family Therapy

Kathryn de Bruin Family Therapy began out of my passion for helping people work through relational and emotional challenges in their lives. As a wife and mother myself, I am constantly working on strengthening the relationships within my own family and I really admire families who are also committed to doing this important work.

As a San Diego marriage and family therapist, I specialize in empowering couples, families, and children to overcome challenges. I help families learn to recognize and then eventually express their needs for love, support, protection and comfort.

Kathryn brings a genuinely caring presence to her work with clients.  You can tell that she truly wants to understand what they’re going through, and she is committed to helping them heal.  I’ve heard several clients say, “Kathryn speaks my language,” and what a gift that is for her clients to be known and understood.  That creates a safe place where real transformation can happen.


We’re seeing a shift in the American mentality as more parents strive to be emotionally in tune with their children. I believe therapy plays an important part in that by helping families understand what’s needed to be emotionally strong  as individuals as well as within their relationships.

I truly believe that your relational health determines who you are, so my philosophy of care is focused on treating the family as a whole. However, family therapy isn’t done in a vacuum. My approach is to talk with other people in your lives, including your pastor, your teachers, and your doctors. By doing this, I get a more complete understanding of who you are as a family and what your needs are.

The San Diego family therapy services I offer are tailored to the unique and personalized needs of each client. Through an in-depth series of meetings with parents, the family as a whole, and then the child, I’m able to determine the best treatment plan, which may include parenting support, play support, family sessions, or a combination of all three.

Quality of life is determined by the health of our relationships. If your family is struggling, I’m here to help.

Schedule a free, 15-minute call with me to see how family therapy may help your family.