Emotionally Yours/ Feelings and Our Faith:

Fresh, frozen or fermented – What’s in your emotional fridge?

Is there redemption for our emotions? Emotions are neither intended to rule our lives, nor to be denied. Come and explore what the purpose is in our having emotions. This is an experiential training.

Fear-Factor: Freedom From Fear

Anxiety can be debilitating, yet treatment for anxiety is readily available and is highly effective. Learn to change the way you think. Deal with stress as you find ways to relax and self-soothe. Learn the essentials in taking back your life from fear. You too can live freely!


Sacred Moments to Foster Attachment
Disciplining Children: Going Beyond Behavior to developing Emotional Maturity

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Come and join us as we look at the heart of parenting:  what to do and say in the moments that count. This talk will provide the tools to speak to your children in ways that help them listen and learn how to self-soothe. Children who can regulate their emotions are healthier physically, and they do better socially and academically. They grow up to be people who can control their impulses, delay gratification, and cope with life’s ups and downs.

Playful Parenting

Play is beneficial! Playful parenting is not only an opportunity for fun, but also lies at the heart of building a secure attachment with your children. Parents who develop close relationships with their children have kids who are more obedient, responsible, and compliant. Come and learn how to play with your children. Enter your child’s world through learning the art of play, fun, and games.

Pink Booties or Blue: Parenting Steps to Developing Healthy Sexuality in Children

Is my child normal? What does my child need to know? How do I talk to my child about these topics? Learn how to answer loaded questions. This is an interactive workshop.


Beyond Behavior: Developing Emotional Maturity in the Classroom

The purpose of this training is to supplement teachers’ knowledge of behavioral management in the classroom with tools for working with the extra-challenging children.  This training will provide insight into the thoughts and feelings behind difficult behaviors. Practical skills will be shared that not only decrease problem behaviors, but also give children an opportunity to mature emotionally throughout the course of the school year.  This hands-on, interactive training will give teachers tools they can use immediately to work more effectively with their most challenging students.

Teachers who attend this training will leave with knowledge of how to:

Identify emotions underlying difficult behaviors

Set clear and effective limits that encourage children to take responsibility for their own behavior

Develop emotional maturity in their students

Provide growth-enhancing alternatives for negative behaviors


Fred the Frog Puppet Show: Ages 3-8

Fred entertains children with a 40-minute interactive puppet show. Fred covers topics such as recognizing healthy physical and sexual boundaries, identifying healthy relationships, and preventing child abuse. Fred teaches children how to protect themselves, to speak up for themselves when they have a concern, and gives them options for dealing with their emotions. Parents and teachers are invited to join the show.  Children are given coloring books to remind them of what they have learned as well as to share with their families at home.


Freedom From Fear

Learn to change the way you think. Apply this to your life by learning ways to relax and self-soothe. Learn the essentials in taking back your life from fear. You too can live freely!

Child-Parent Relationship Training – (CPRT)

This group is for parents who want to strengthen the relationship they have with their children. Skills are taught and parents are supported as they learn to connect with their children through play and special time activities. Research shows that children who are securely attached with parents are less likely to exhibit problem behaviors, are more cooperative, and have increased self-esteems and psychosocial competences. This is a hands-on, interactive group.