Family Therapy

San Diego Family Therapy


Family Therapists are trained to look at family dynamics and to treat relationships. It is not uncommon for multiple people within a family to experience stress and symptomology, and it makes sense to treat the family as a whole instead of treating each individual separately.

A family can be a wonderful source of healing, but it can also be a tremendous source of pain. Many families today have been damaged by divorce, abuse, illness, grief, and various mental health issues. It is not always easy and fulfilling to share our lives–in fact relationships take a lot of work!

Family therapy aims to build strong and satisfying relationships. Resilient families can adapt to challenges and can grow even stronger during crises. Family therapy ensures that an individual doesn’t stand alone in his or her pain. Why stand alone when you have a family to lean on?  Families play a formative role in who we are, and therefore our families can transform who we are!

Family Therapy serves to assist families in:

    • supporting one another
    • understanding each other
    • connecting in moments of pain
    • finding new ways of relating
    • exploring family roles, rules, and behavior patterns
    • building on strengths so your family can be the best it can be


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