Types of Supervision Provided by Kathryn de Bruin Therapy

EFT: Emotionally Focused Therapy

Whether you are learning the model or improving your skills, it is always helpful to have a mentor in this process. You can get your individual or group supervision hours towards certification as an EFT therapist or as an EFT supervisor.

AAMFT Supervision

If you are hoping to become a AAMFT supervisor yourself, I can mentor you through this process. We would begin by setting up our first meeting so that we can complete the forms to start your journey as a AAMFT supervisor candidate. The process towards this credential takes at least 2 years, 180 hours of experience, and 36 hours of supervision of your supervision.

Play Therapy Supervision

As a registered play therapy supervisor (RPTS), I can supervise your play therapy. The benefit of meeting with an RPTS is that if you are hoping to become a registered play therapist yourself, then your supervision hours with an RPTS count 3 times more than meeting with a regular supervisor.

Live Supervision Sessions at the Clinic or through Skype

Technology has given us so many possibilities for supervision. I can plug right into one of your sessions while you work, and either watch your work or give you guidance through blue tooth while you work. Getting in the moment, live supervision is the best way to improve your skills. You will need a computer with Skype to make this possible and a cell phone with a headset or blue tooth. Alternatively you can come and do your session at our clinic, where we provide these options for you as well as tape your session for you.

Video Tape Review

Sending your video taped session to me via a HIPPA compliant service such as Pando PRO makes it possible for me to review your work and give you more accurate feedback. We can watch your session together, by sharing a computer screen via Skype. This way we can pause your tape and talk about alternative options.


Supervision over Adobe:

You will receive an email with a link to an Adobe room before the supervision group. You will click on this link, and will enter the meeting room. The meeting room is open for you to enter 15 minutes before the group begins. Please enter early so that you can test your audio, your camera, and your sound.

Technical problems can arise from the following issues:

  • poor internet connection
  • slow / outdated computer
  • operator error

Solutions are as follows:

  • MANDATORY – test your internet connection to Adobe by clicking here
  • Use a headset with microphone – like the ones that come with your cell phone.  This eliminates feedback and makes it easier to hear video clips.
    Tech issues are handled from 10:00 – 10:15 am (Pacific time) before each group so log in promptly.  Matt – our technology support person – is available to help you with any technical issue like testing your microphone, webcam, speakers, etc.
  • Matt can also accept tech problems via email, between groups if they are simple enough:  [email protected].
  • If your internet is slow, consider using a hard-wired internet connection (not wireless).

There is no delicate way to say this, but some of us just stink with technology!  We thought we’d put in a plug here for Matt our tech guru.  For help with any computer/ technology issues, he is available for $30 / hour.  Please contact him directly: [email protected].

Supervision over Skype:

1. Download Skype and chose a Skype contact name. Email your contact name to me.


The purpose of Skype is we will be calling each other through the internet and so no telephone will be used during our call, thus eliminating a phone bill. Register for a Skype account, chose a Skype username, and let me know what your Skype username is.


We will Skype each other at the time of our appointment. We will have already watched your video during our own time, and then discuss it during our appointment. Make sure your Skype program is open, so that when I call you, you will hear a ringing and you will ‘answer’ the call. Click the video camera on the bottom corner so that I can see you (if your computer has a camera) and you will be able to see me in return.

Then as we discuss your case, I may refer to your video. I will be able to share my screen with you so that you can view the same clip that I am watching, and we will able to stop and start the video and discuss various elements.