Take a breath and know that 16 million Americans struggle with Anxiety too- you are not alone!

Here are twelve suggestions to help you cope with anxiety:

1. Deep breathing is the first step to stopping the hyperventilating. Be sure to practice deep breathing daily. It can be as simple as breathing in for 8 counts, filling your lungs, and slowly releasing for 8 counts.

2. Start learning about your anxiety: Notice, does it impact your thought life? Your body sensation?

3. Stop taking in caffeine, make sure that you are thoroughly hydrated.

4. Slow down and do some stretching.

5. Problem solve. Notice, what are the things that are burdening you? Make a list and brainstorm solutions.

6. Find a calm place where you can sit and relax. Make sure to give yourself at least 10 mins a day of relaxation.

7. Find a local support group with other folks who are struggling with anxiety, and consider attending it. Many cities have free or low-cost support groups.

8. Start to track your symptoms in a weekly diary. Take notice of when the anxiety comes, how intense it is, and how long it stays.

9. Self-care is essential. Start to monitor your food intake, how often you exercise, your water intake, your menstrual cycle, your rest and your stress. See what patterns you notice and how poor self-care impacts your anxiety.

10. Anxiety can arise when we are suppressing other feelings. Find a time to sit and reflect on what you are feeling that you haven’t acknowledged to yourself. What am I mad about? What’s happened that is sad? What’s the hardest experience I’ve been through lately? What do I wish was different in my life right now? etc…

11. Call a therapist. We are trained and should be able to walk you through the next steps to calm down.

12. Make sure your hormones are balanced and consider taking some supplements eg. Evening Primrose Oil.