Upcoming Events for Therapists

Below are the upcoming events for therapists led or assisted by Kathryn de Bruin Family Therapy and Training.

*If there is a link to register, please follow that link to learn more and contact someone about the event. 

*If the event does not provide a link, or is an event put on by Kathryn de Bruin, please fill out the form at the bottom, and submit payment for the event through the paypal link so we can register you. 

Feel free to email: assistant@kathryndebruin.com to request monthly payments or with questions. We’re excited to see you at the next event!

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CORE SKILLS in EFT – PORTLAND starting Jan 4, 2019


Join Sharon Chatkupt Lee & Kathryn de Bruin in Portland as we lead you through the next stage in your Emotionally Focused Therapy training journey: Core Skills.

Core Skills is the next step in your couples training after completing an ICEEFT approved Externship. This training is appropriate for mental health professionals who have completed an ICEEFT approved Externship in EFT and are working with couples and families. Each weekend is 12 contact hours of learning. We will provide you a certificate of completion after completing all four weekends. Please check with your licensing board for your particular continuing education requirements. CE available for an additional $35.

You will be participating in small group study with lots of opportunity for experiential learning. We will study together, do role plays, watch lots of video taped sessions and share the EFT journey. In a core skills series we will schedule 2 live sessions (pending availability) and each participant will have an opportunity to present his/her work to the group.

We will use didactic instruction, case presentations, role plays and video review to help you to become more intentional and focused with the EFT model. In module one we focus on building relationship in the therapy, assessment and beginning to track the negative interactional pattern. In module two we focus on working with and deescalating the negative cycle. In module three, we deepen our work with withdrawers and beginning of stage two. In module 4, we deepen our work with pursuers and stage two. In the 5th weekend, we will integrate all of this learning so that you are more grounded and confident and we will explore special topics.

Crittenden Flyer - with Ben-7-1 Crittenden Flyer - with Ben-7-2

ATTACHMENT & PATHOLOGY with Dr. Patricia Crittenden

February 18th-20th

Held in loving memory of our dear friend and colleague Benjamin Inouye


We are overjoyed to welcome Dr Patricia Crittenden to San Diego for a special event February 2019 – Attachment and Psychopathology. Register today for an early bird price before December 1st, 2018. Optional CEU’s available.

This training is sponsored by the San Diego
Center for EFT and Alliant International
University. In honor of Benjamin Inouye, Kathryn
de Bruin and Lisa J. Palmer have spear-headed
this unique training and brought it to San Diego.

“This 3-day course covers the development, prevention, and treatment of psychological disorder. It weaves together theory, human development, assessment, case examples, and treatment applications to reframe maladapative behavior in terms of strategies for self-protection. The course covers development from infancy to adulthood, emphasizing the process of adaptation and developmental pathways that carry risk for psychopathology. The model used, the Dynamic-Maturational Model (DMM) of Attachment and Adaptation, is relevant to individuals who are at-risk, have been exposed to danger, display disturbed or maladaptive behavior, or are diagnosed as having a psychiatric disorder. A particular emphasis is cultural influences on attachment.”


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