Therapist Online Group

We will study and deconstruct a carefully chosen, short piece of your couples work from your sessions to build your skills. Each participant is active and will have ample opportunity to understand, discuss, and practice their EFT skills. Meets online monthly {from the convenience of your home!} from 10:00a-12:00p using Adobe Connect (reliable technology). Working with attachment issues can trigger our own, and we can lose our attunement and the ability to provide co-regulation to our clients. Through this online discussion we will work on increasing our: Attuning | Attachifying | Expanding | Organizing | Enacting

Current session = Enquire about our next series.

Meeting starts @ 10:00 PST and ends at 12:00p.  From 9:45-10:00 you may enter the Adobe room where our technology support person can help you get set-up to ensure you have no technical issues.

Cost & Commitment = $75 per session OR $200 for all three sessions – You must commit to all groups in the cycle to join.  Group remains open to newcomers, but newcomers must commit to remaining groups.

Join this Group – Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your information {or email expressing your interest} and someone will be in touch with you shortly!

Presenting a Clip – To present a clip, please email Kathryn one week in advance and send her your video clip. There will be two presenters each session.
Criteria for selecting a clip:
Any individual, family or couple session. Select a 10 – 15min segment, and Kathryn will review and select a 3-5 min section to show during the group. Send Kathryn a short paragraph explaining your reason for sending in the clip, and explain what type of support you are looking for.

Technology – Supervision over Adobe:

You will receive an email with a link to an Adobe room before the supervision group. You will click on this link, and will enter the meeting room. The meeting room is open for you to enter 15 minutes before the group begins. Please enter early so that you can test your audio, your camera, and your sound.

Technical problems can arise from the following issues:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Slow / outdated computer
  • Operator error

Solutions are as follows:

  • MANDATORY – test your internet connection to Adobe by clicking here
  • Use a headset with microphone – like the ones that come with your cell phone.  This eliminates feedback and makes it easier to hear video clips.
  • Tech issues are handled from 09:45-10:00 (Pacific time) before each group so log in promptly.

  • If your internet is slow, consider using a hard-wired internet connection (not wireless).

TESTIMONIAL: I just attended this new group of Kathryn de Bruin’s called “Soundbites”. It is a very clever concept as she works with the premise that one soundbite of video footage (a minute or 3) can reveal almost everything you need, to be able to work with a couple. We watch a soundbite then all group members are encouraged to write in the chat box about the non-verbals; then we watch another soundbite and we all comment on the attachment issues, then another soundbite and we all comment on the primary and secondary emotions. Then we all get to give a synopsis on putting it all together from just a couple or 2  soundbites. This could all sound quite intimidating, right? Well it is the funnest group I have attended so far and the steepest learning curve too. When I attend these online groups I tend to hide behind the braver souls and let them do all the risk taking and getting things wrong while I sit back and do the vicarious learning. But not so in this group!! Kathryn begins by telling us all that there are absolutely no wrong answers. And I got to test this for real! After one session I sheepishly wrote to Kathryn telling her to forgive me if I was totally off, and her reply to me was total verification that there are no wrong answers. Her response to my email was, “Oh, I didn’t even notice. I’m just happy to have you in the group”. I felt a sense of relief and this was a real boost to my confidence in speaking up in online groups.

What I like the most about “Soundbites”, and the way it is structured to sort of “force” one to risk and speak up, is that it simulates a therapy session, wherein one has to think on ones feet, take a stand, go with it and deal with the fallout. This is a great learning curve for me, as a therapist, as it teaches me to think faster, which is a stretch for me on an emotional level, as I usually like to take my time so I can get it right!!! Isn’t that weird !!! I try to get things right….. and how marvelous to be in a training group that targets the very thing I need to overcome….the pressure on myself to get it right!!

Thanks for the great group Kathryn, it is gratefully appreciated. – Colleen Anderson

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