Sharing the Divorce with your Children

Sharing the Divorce News

Arriving at the time to share the news with your children can be an overwhelming and scary period. In the first blog post I recap the generals in thinking through elements beforehand. This post deals with the best way to share the actual news. And in the following blog post I share what to expect and how to prepare for the aftermath and moving forward. 

How to Tell your Children You Are Getting A Divorce:

Before anything- be sure you are getting a divorce before you share! Be at least one step ahead in the processing and grieving process, and to consider a plan & logistics moving forward.

*Consider what it is you want to say

  • Tell the news together, if possible
  • Consider child’s age and what they can digest
  • Tell child what is going to happen. DON’T TELL ON YOUR SPOUSE

When to Share The News of the Divorce:

*Consider when and how you are going to go about it

  • Avoid important days, such as holidays. As well as days when anybody is feeling sick
  • Do it when you have plenty of time without limitations
  • Younger children (2-3 weeks before any major structural changes)
  • Older children (1-2 months before any major structural changes)
  • Emote with the children “Everyone gets to grieve together”