Thoughts on success in therapy, in supervision and in training

The beauty of training in therapy is the feedback we receive; the evaluations we collect at the end of the training day tell it all. Since engaging in loads of training over the past few months, I have received some positive feedback in what makes my training unique. It’s tempting to compare my practice with other talented trainers in the field, but I am seeing more and more each person has a unique gift to bring.

Even though this is feedback I’ve received recently, I believe it is valuable in many professions and walks of life.

That is: “we feel your heart in the work you do”.

People can feel authenticity, and they can feel your accessibility. When you have the emotional space and time to combine the two, your clients, supervisees or trainees feel it in the way you care for them. This builds alliance and allows you to better hear what they need to learn.

This is not something I demonstrate in each session I spend with people.

So what makes the difference? I believe it is knowing what I’m passionate about and focusing my work on these areas. Human-ness is also important to me. When the people I am around open their hearts to me, I feel them and I want to do everything that I can to help them.

I realize clients are more likely to open up when I am available and open first. Demonstrating this breeds success. When I am real and honest in what I can teach, and am open about the things I can’t, this is authentic and that’s what people love to see and feel.